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There is a theory that time is representable by a dense linear order.
This is a notion in mathematics where between two events in time
there is always some other event. I wish we had control over that
order. Then we could fit more things in a day when we wished.
But it is not up to us. When something happens between two events,
it is necessarily due to the force of the big unknown beast we might call
Nature, and it is likely in the form of a fatal hard disk failure.
But a bike ride through the neighbourhood submerged in cherry blossoms
puts you in another world and fixes pretty much everything.
Even your relationships with nature. Get your bike out.

Photo by Nana Lutea
© nanalutea
Photo by Nana Lutea
© nanalutea
Flemish portrait (Eden). Photo by Nana Lutea
Photo by Nana Lutea
Model: Naia
On the Non-Linear Topology of Time

 There is a philosophical theory of time, going back to Aristotle and Leibniz, which states that time does not exists on its own, that there is no time without change. Under that theory, it is entirely possible that there are time lapses when absolutely nothing happens, even birds stop in mid-air.

Photo by Nana Lutea
Model: M
© 2014 nanalutea
© 2014 nanalutea

My image about time has been sold at a gallery opening…. It’s the first red dot for me. The proper title of that image is time Topology (Luzhin Defense).

I am in love. With time. It is a jealous, possessive and unrequited kind of love. I never have enough of it. Sometimes I have to MAKE TIME. For art, for thinking, for a walk. Not every language has this expression. Can one really make, create time? Out of nothingness, out of void? Or is making time somehow similar to making love?

I have been always fascinated with the notion of time. Sometimes we feel that time is irreversible.  But other times, we feel there is another time, no less real, that we seem to be able to change at will. It unravels and traverses the linear clock traces, rejecting it, following internal patterns… 

On the non-linear traverse of time.
© 2014 nanalutea